Chief Compliance Officer, Passionate Trader: Luciano Oliverio

Written by in News on September 8, 2020

Because we’re passionate about fostering a supportive, accessible global payments community, we focus on nurturing our internal community, too. The Shift Connect team is built up of industry professionals with diverse skills, backgrounds, interests, and passions. We’re pleased to introduce Chief Compliance Officer & Managing Partner, Luciano Oliverio. 

As CCO, Luciano is responsible for ensuring the organization is in compliance with all of the regulatory requirements in various regions. CCOs work to conduct compliance investigations, identify any potential risks, stay up to date on all regulatory knowledge in areas of operation, and consistently review and update policy. Put simply, Luciano is in charge of making sure that all company endeavours follow local rules in the various areas of operation. As Shift Connect operates on a global scale, you can imagine that he keeps busy staying up to date with the ever-changing world of compliance around the world. 

On top of the compliance, Luciano manages the trading position for Shift Connect and absolutely loves that responsibility. “I love the busy days where there is a lot of volatility and having a pile of trades come in, I love that rush!” 

Luciano comes from an Italian family and holds dual citizenship. He was born and raised in Calgary and has spent the past few years traveling a lot with his daughter. They’ve visited Hawaii, New York, Paris and Italy. Next up on the bucket list is London, England. 

His professional journey includes studies in Marketing at Mount Royal College (now university). Following which he started out at an FX firm where he was the top trader. He then left to start Axiom where he was a managing partner. They merged with Calforex which Luciano spearheaded in collaboration with Dave and Sam from Shift. Since, Luciano has been a managing partner at Shift and is an invaluable member of the family.

Luciano says that “coming into the office is like hanging out with family,” he loves what he does being he believes the team is “all working towards a common goal” and they all get along famously. At Shift, community building is a central value. We aim to make our clients feel like they’re part of the family, just like we do. 

Anyone who’s dipped a toe in the world of finance or trading can agree that it’s a wildly exciting, fast-paced industry with so much to learn and so many avenues to explore. While it may seem daunting from the outside, it’s not as scary as it looks. Once you’re in, a whole new world unravels before you. 

Luciano loves the world of finance because, “truthfully, it makes the world go ‘round!” He said. “It’s robust, fast, liquid, and without it international business just wouldn’t happen.”

When asked about an emerging industry trend that really excites him, Luciano says he loves watching the rapid shift from paper to digital. “When I first started, it was a lot of paper. Now, to be able to move millions or billions of dollars by punching in some code, I find that really intriguing.” 

Outside of work, Luciano enjoys daily workouts at the gym, fishing, hunting, quadding, and drinking fine wine. 

Some advice that Luciano would pass along to junior traders or investors looking to enter the industry is “build relationships and work hard, good things will come.”

In terms of mentors throughout his life and career, he says the key mentors in his life are his father and grandfather. “They’ve taught me to work hard, never be late, and be honest day in, day out.” In terms of professional influences, Luciano says he really looks up to his partners, Dave and John. 

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