Shift Connect CEO, Dave Kelcher: Fintech & The Everyday 

Written by in News on September 8, 2020

Finance and financial technology are immensely intriguing for a number of reasons. From the fast-paced fluctuation to the ever-emerging softwares, series, and systems that can soon become integral in our everyday lives, there’s endless information to be learned and even more ways to integrate that information into your work, life, and endeavours. 

Shift Connect’s CEO, Dave Kelcher, is fascinated by the industry for a number of reasons, but at the forefront is the ways in which “the world of finance is impacted by every facet of life,” and vice versa. “From geo-political issues to weather patterns,” everything on earth impacts global finances in some way. Meanwhile, finance impacts our lives in the same manner. “Fintech is exciting because of the ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit it invokes and how some concepts will completely revolutionize the way we run our lives.” 

The industry leaves infinite space for innovation and in doing so, leaves space to radically shift the way we think, act, and live. If we shift the way we perceive or relate to our finances as a business or an individual, it can profoundly affect our lived experience. Dave finds this quality of the industry wildly exciting and is constantly inspired and intrigued by the ways in which humans utilize and relate to financial technology. 

“The foreign exchange industry is dynamic and is impacted by global events which makes for interesting conversations.”

Dave is married with three kids and a dog named Waylon. He loves the outdoors, particularly skiing, hockey, water sports, mountain biking, hiking, and golf.

He was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. He moved to Calgary in 2001 after backpacking throughout Central America, studying International business abroad in Grenoble, France, travelling around Europe, and receiving a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Alberta. 

In regards to his professional background, he’s been “immersed in the foreign exchange industry” for his entire career. He Co-founded Axiom Foreign Exchange International in 2005 and played an instrumental role in the merger with Calforex which led to the creation of Shift Connect Ltd. as you know it now. 

Dave passionately enjoys his work at Shift Connect, particularly in regards to the community, both internally and externally, that he has the pleasure of working with. “I love that we can be an extension of our clients' businesses and help them to become more efficient and profitable. I love how diverse our client base is and learning about the various businesses they run,” he said. 

If he could offer advice to a junior investor or trader entering the world of foreign exchange, it would be: “Markets are unpredictable, don't make promises based on things you cannot control. Focus on service and build strong, lasting relationships.” 

While the industry and general life continue to shift in the face of emerging tech, Dave finds excitement in “people’s willingness to adopt and embrace new technologies.” 

It’s an invigorating and fascinating industry, and Dave looks eagerly to the future of fintech while finding himself consistently impressed with how far we’ve come in the global payments landscape. 

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