Why Hands-On Support Is Key For A Foreign Exchange Agency

Written by in Business on June 1, 2022

The world is turning digital and in many cases, we’re 100% on board. There’s one thing that we believe should always be hands-on: customer service. We’re a global payments platform and foreign exchange agency, so you better believe that we’re fans of all things digital. We understand where the world of financial technology is headed and we’re all about staying versatile as the industry evolves. But, we refuse to allow our community to lose any quality of services along the way. 

While we leverage technology in all that we do, we understand that human connection can’t be replaced. Our community values our customer-first approach and the fact that they can connect directly with our forex experts to feel supported every step of the way. Compared to the alternatives of talking to artificial intelligence or no one at all, we think person-to-person communication looks pretty good. 

If you’re curious about the benefits of hands-on foreign exchange support, this list will break that down for you.

Communication is Key 

Communication is so important in all parts of life, but it’s a pretty huge deal when you’re talking about your money. There is so much that can be lost, misunderstood, or improperly emphasized when you’re not having an actual conversation. This is even more of an issue if you’re talking about AI customer service. Especially in your initial conversations, it’s so key that our team gets to know you, how you communicate, what you want, and what you need. This way, we can adapt our relationship and communication style to suit you and make sure to leave no room for crossed wires. 

Relationship First 

If you’re able to build an ongoing relationship with a service provider, it benefits everyone. Our experts put relationships first so that they can come to know the people and businesses they are partnering with, act on their behalf in the future, and ensure their goals are met. From a client’s perspective, if a company is relationship-first, you know that they will always go above and beyond to ensure you feel satisfied and supported. If you’ve got an impersonal relationship with your agency’s account manager or no relationship at all, you just can’t be sure that they are advocating for you and your success. 

Understanding Your Situation 

When it comes to forex, you want to be sure that your account manager understands your situation front-to-back. This applies on the macro level, meaning that they need to understand the currencies you’re operating in, the countries you are transacting in, all of the regulations and laws that apply, and any potential hurdles in the future. On a micro level, you want them to understand you, your industry, your position in your industry as both an individual and a business, and your risk tolerance. You don’t want someone who is constantly pushing you to make moves you’re uncomfortable with your projecting other’s goals and interests onto you. The more hands-on the provider, the more comfortable you can feel with your money in their hands. 

Long & Short Term Goals

When establishing a relationship with a boutique brokerage like Shift Connect, the first order of business is to learn your goals, both long term and short. These two types of goals inform one another and work together to inform the strategy as a whole. If you’re working with a hands-off agency, they will likely be operating under the influence of only your short-term goals (or even the most common goals rather than your personal goals) without foresight into what you want for your personal, professional, and financial future. These onboarding questions are essential to rest assured that your goals are being taken into account every step of the way. 

Realistic Expectations 

If you’ve built a relationship with your agency or account manager, it will be in their best interest to ensure you have reasonable expectations. In a relationship-first structure, an agency wants to nurture a long-term relationship, therefore they won’t be making lofty promises or unrealistic claims about what you can expect. With this, you can enjoy a fully transparent partnership. 

As we said, we’re all about evolving in the digital space, but we like to keep our customer services 100% human. 

We’re a boutique brokerage that is customer-first and completely committed to your success. Let’s chat! 

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