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Chief Trading & Risk Officer, John Hayes: To Thrive Under Pressure

Foreign exchange trading is an industry that sends some running and draws others in. It can be high-risk, ever-changing, and unbelievably fast-paced. For some, this sounds like a nightmare, for others, a dream come true. Shift Connect’s Chief Trading & Risk Officer, John Hayes, derives passion and excitement from the nature of the industry.

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Managing Partner, CCO, Passionate Trader: Luciano Oliverio

As CCO, Luciano is responsible for ensuring the organization is in compliance with all of the regulatory requirements in various regions. CCOs work to conduct compliance investigations, identify any potential risks, stay up to date on all regulatory knowledge in areas of operation, and consistently review and update policy. Put simply, Luciano is in charge of making sure that all company endeavours follow local rules in the various areas of operation.

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