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10 Things Every Business Owner Should Know About Currency Fluctuation

As a business owner, you are likely no stranger to currency fluctuations. They can have a significant impact on your bottom line, and understanding how they work can help you make informed decisions that protect your profits. Here are 10 things every business owner should know about currency fluctuation.

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What is a Forex Broker & What Do They Do?

What is a forex broker, you ask? A forex broker is a financial service provider that helps you buy and sell currency. They act as the middleman between their clients (individuals or businesses) and the interbank. The interbank or interbank market is a global network that connects financial institutions around the world.

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What Is Foreign Exchange Trading

If you’re wondering “what is foreign exchange trading?” you are not alone. We’ve got the answers to all your questions as well as insight on what to look out for when navigating the industry.

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Is There Such A Thing As A Risk Free Forex Hedging Strategy?

A common question that people ask when looking to hedge: “is there a risk free forex hedging strategy?” This question is typically asked by people who are especially risk averse. The thing is, if there were such a thing as a no risk or no loss strategy, risk management wouldn’t exist because, in essence, there would be no risk. Put simply, there is no such thing as a risk free forex hedging strategy and you should be extremely cautious of brokers or agencies who say that there is.

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A Guide To Digitizing Your B2B Billing

While the B2C space has modernized a great deal, the B2B side of things has seen a much slower burn. Here is a guide to digitizing your B2B billing procedures and some information about why it's so imperative.

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What’s The Best Alternative To Wire Transfers?

Shift Connect is an incredible alternative to cheques, bank visits, or international wire transfers, which can be time-consuming and expensive. The Shift Connect Global Network allows quick and simple localized business payments domestically and worldwide. Shift Connect also offers businesses a free Global Business Account for receiving funds in over 30 currencies including USD, GBP and EUR – all without the bank fees or delays.

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Payment Solutions For Buying Property Abroad

 If you are considering buying property abroad, there are a few things to take into account before you take the plunge. Payment solutions for overseas properties will seriously reduce stress and save you money along the way. Here’s what you need to know. 

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What Is Forex? A Beginner’s Guide To Foreign Exchange Trading

Forex simply refers to the foreign exchange market, also known as the FX market. While you may be familiar with trading currency over when you’re travelling, the foreign exchange market is far larger and far more powerful than you might think. In fact, forex is traded 24-hours a day, 5 days a week around the entire globe. It is entirely decentralized, fast-paced, and always changing from one second to the next. 

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Paying International Employees: Everything You Need To Know

Paying international employees: Whether you’re operating across borders or you’ve simply opted to hire a skill set that you’ve found overseas, there are several things you should take into account. This user-friendly guide will walk you through the things you need to consider when paying international employees and various tactics to protect yourself from loss while doing so.

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Chief Trading & Risk Officer, John Hayes: To Thrive Under Pressure

Foreign exchange trading is an industry that sends some running and draws others in. It can be high-risk, ever-changing, and unbelievably fast-paced. For some, this sounds like a nightmare, for others, a dream come true. Shift Connect’s Chief Trading & Risk Officer, John Hayes, derives passion and excitement from the nature of the industry.

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Chief Compliance Officer, Passionate Trader: Luciano Oliverio

As CCO, Luciano is responsible for ensuring the organization is in compliance with all of the regulatory requirements in various regions. CCOs work to conduct compliance investigations, identify any potential risks, stay up to date on all regulatory knowledge in areas of operation, and consistently review and update policy. Put simply, Luciano is in charge of making sure that all company endeavours follow local rules in the various areas of operation.

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