We are Shift Connect

We are a team of foreign exchange and global payments experts with decades of industry experience. Headquartered in Calgary, we have team members around the globe. We serve both corporate and private clients, empowering them to exchange funds in 130 currencies, hold funds on account in 60 of those currencies, and make local payments without sending wires in 30 countries including UK, Europe, US, and Canada.

What Matters to us.

Industry Expertise.

The Shift Connect team is comprised passionate experts who take pride in the knowledge and perspective they offer our client base. We value providing you with expert solutions.

Market Agility.

We keep a constant finger on the pulse of advances and shifts in the industry to better serve you with best-in-class technology. As the market changes, we evolve.

Relationship Reliability.

We value our client relationships above all else. Our team works to ensure you feel secure, supported, and satisfied every step of the way. We're always in your corner.

What We Do.

We help you save money and time. We offer foreign exchange and global payments solutions for both corporate and private clients. From tailored strategies to minimize loss to a safe and simple global payments platform, all of your cross-border payment needs can be met right here. Beyond that, you can take advantage of our multi-currency account options and hedging and treasury services to further reduce your spend and up your efficiency.

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How We Do It.

Whether you’re looking to quickly send money abroad or craft a holistic foreign exchange strategy for your business, we can help. The steps are simple and our customer support staff are readily available if you need a hand.

Sign Up.

You can sign up for free in just seconds. The moment you do, you’ll be contacted by a member of our team to help you identify your unique foreign exchange needs and goals. Once you’ve entered the necessary banking information and gotten a feel for which services best suit your needs, we’ll help you think critically about the most affordable and efficient way to move forward.


If you're hoping to move ahead right away with a simple transaction, you can enter the amount you'd like to send and view the real-time exchange rate before confirming your transaction. Alternatively, if you have multi-faceted foreign exchange or global payments needs, we’ll collaborate with you on a strategy in fitting with your needs and goals.


All that’s left to do is hit send. We securely store your information for added ease on all future transactions. Whether you’re sending, receiving, or simply storing funds in your multi-currency account, the process is completely seamless. Receipts and reports are available in just a few simple clicks.


Of course, you’ll save money along the way. We help you efficiently navigate foreign exchange volatility and currency hedging to maximize value and minimize risk. Furthermore, our international payment processing rates are highly competitive and carefully crafted to cut your costs.

Meet the Shift Connect Global Community.

The Executive.

A number of our community members are business owners or executives. These types of clients use our services to buy goods internationally, pay staff and contractors abroad, receive payments in multiple currencies, and expand further into the global marketplace. We manage risk, reduce cost, and support holistic foreign exchange strategies.

The Accountant.

Members of businesses accounting or finance departments often come to us with specific pain points associated with foreign exchange and global payments. We work with them as an extension of their department to add ease and operational excellence to their cross-border financial procedures.

The Investor.

We have a many clients who are active investors or who are looking to expand their investment portfolios. From vehicles to real estate and more, many investors find their endeavours crossing borders. Our carefully crafted risk management and global money transfer services help reduce their costs and enhance their security.

The Homeowner.

Another demographic we serve are individuals and families who own property abroad. From buying the property itself to paying bills, we help them take care of their cross-currency fees without incurring loss in the face of currency fluctuations. On top of that, they can draw upon our multi-currency accounts to efficiently transfer and withdraw funds as they travel between their homes.

Millions Of Transactions Processed Annually
Billions of Dollars Traded Annually
Over 40 Years of Expertise

Shift for you

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