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Hedging and treasury expertise.

Trusted FX consultants helping you efficiently navigate international currency markets to maximize value and minimize risk. Join our global payments, foreign exchange, and hedging community.

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Secure payment processing and management services.

Foreign Exchange

Capabilities in 130+ currencies, pay locally in 25 currencies, and internationally in over 130 currencies, free borderless accounts in over 15 currencies, fully regulated in the UK, EU, US, and Canada, over 5000+ clients.Supported by our experienced team of currency experts.

Innovative Global Payment Technology

Shift’s connective platform gives you immediate access to the global marketplace. Our leading-edge technology gives you the freedom to process payments, make FX transfers, and book trades – securely, on your own, and in real time.

Hedging & Treasury Management Services

We partner with you to develop a customized hedging strategy that assesses the complexities of your business. We work with you to help both capitalize on and protect against market fluctuations.

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Work with one of the most trusted FinTech firms to find the right FX solution for you and your clients. Boost your business with our capabilities and take advantage of our digital products and services. Our resources can be yours to leverage. Integrate our FX, payments, and collections services as part of your solution, or refer your clients through our affiliate program.

Security standards

We use comprehensive compliance protocols to protect your funds and adhere strictly to the financing requirements and privacy legislation mandated by Canadian law.

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